Armie Hammers is still under investigation of rape case in LA

According to news, he had claims of rape on him by his Ex-Girlfriend and he had been investigated by a procecutor 

As of news, Effie claimed that Armie Hammer's raped her for 5 hours in April 2017 in LA and she thought he will kill him after Such habit. 

Still there are no charges of rape on him but he is under investigation by a prosecutor is working with law enforcement as they continue their investigation

Law enforcement have done their investigation and submitted their reports and pieces of evidence and on basis of that he will be charged 

Armie Hammer's Aunt comes with a statement saying that the family had multiple alligations and they also got over those but this time it need to be stopped 

His Aunt sadi that she was not surprised to hear those alligations because she called Armie Hammer's Monster 

His aunt told that when I came to know about alligations on him I thought here's one more Hammer man into alligations