Artemis I relaunch with all bugs removed and good weather on Saturday and let discuss where you can watch launch 

Nasa is now more confident about the lauch pf Artemis I and they have solved the issues that lead to Monday's launch failure 

The reason for the failure was sensor and NASA said that the fail was unnecessary we could have tackled it before and lauch would have been completed 

The team also noticed several countdown issues as well which lead to stress on team and the main issue was the engine colling 

One of the RS-25 engines was not cool enough to launch the Artemis I and this time they have monitored everything and ready for the go 

We had a few sensors that didn't let us know our thought process," said NASA SLS specialist John Blevins during a mission update on Thursday

The good thing with the failure of Lauch was that we have stested the flow of engines and we are not controlling the colling and Artemis is ready for the launch

The two-hour launch window of Artemis I wi opens at 2:17 p.m. with a reinforcement send-off endeavor accessible on Monday during an hour and a half window that opens at 5:12 p.m