Outfielder Marcell Ozuna was captured by police for driving affected by liquor on Friday morning

According to records, it was his second arrest. The first time he was arrested on May 29 2021 as he was attacking his wife

Presently Ozuna is dealing with additional lawful issues after he was captured by a Norcross cop in metro Atlanta

He was set up for the Gwinnett County Jail at around 4:30 a.m. Friday. He was accused of DUI and inability to keep up with a path and was delivered on a $1,830 bond

The Atlanta Braves know about Marcell Ozuna's capture toward the beginning of today and are as yet assembling the real factors relating to the episode

According to the team and management statement, they say that their association views these issues exceptionally in a serious way and is clearly frustrated by the circumstance

It is not confirmed that he will be playing Friday's game or not 

Ozuna is hitting .214 with 20 homers and 46 RBIs this season