Chelsea Clinton in support of kim Kardashian removed Kayne West's music from all her latest albums 

Chelsea Clinton is being very supportive to Kim Kardashian against Kanye West's 

Chelsea Clinton says she 'can't' play Kanye West's music after the 'unreasonable' way he Disrespects Ladies 

Chelsea said that the way he treats Kim is literally wrong and this shows his thoughts about other women's too 

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are under a divorce case from Feb 2021 and there were so many fights between them in past years

Kim and West dated from almost 9 months and then they broke up 

West took for the most part unpretentious pokes at Kardashian after their separation at first opened up to the world

There are several other news that spread about the west and Kim. This happened when Kim filed divorce against west