Dolly Parton into the Apparel business and launches her Dog Apparel Lineup

Dolly Parton as we all know is famous for her  great country music steps in apparel buisness 

She started her Dog Apparal buisness and recently launched her Dog Apparel line which you can buy for your dog too

Her motive behind this clothing lineup is to support an animal rescue Organisation and it will fund the money 

She named this lineup Doddy Parton and it has fringe-trimmed cowgirl dresses, rhinestone-bejeweled harnesses, concert T-shirts, toys and even a blond wig inspired by the singer

She said that Puppy love was her first track and she reallly loves pets as they are really humble and cute 

The profits from this brand will be funding  Willa B. Farms an organization which rescue animals and medicate them if they are injured 

If you are thinking to buy the product you will find the product on and Amazon and in future there may be more Tieups.