Eagles in for Chauncey Gardner and johnson in chat with Saints

There are lot of discussion on trading of Chauncey Gardner from The saints to Eagles in August 2022

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport and tom reported tuesday after talks of contract broke down eagles are up for Chauncey Gardner

Chauncey Gardner agent confirmed that he will be playing as permanent safety for Eagles and against the team he used to plan in 

Gardner-Johnson frequently played in the role of nickel back in New Orleans

Gardner-Johnson was chosen in the fourth round of the 2019 NFL draft out of Florida and since then he is with saints and only played for them 

In his three years carrier with saints 15 picks, one forced fumble, three sacks, and 121 tackles in 43 games and 31 starts

Eagles were missing out on safety and after Chauncey Gardner coming into the team it is fulfilled, Team looks great and hope for the best in this season