English Soccer club's share hikes by 17% as Elon drops off a tweet 

Elon musk joking tweeted that he is also in Manchester united shares and as soon as the tweet was out shares skyrocketed

later he said that it was jusk a social media joke and he is not going to buy any team 

Manchester United shares, which are exchanged under the condensing MANU on the New York Stock Exchange, were up 3.68% in premarket exchange as of 4:30

According to market valuations it would have costed $2Billion to buy Manchester united 

Manchester United declined to remark regarding this situation when reached by CNBC

Musk's unique tweet impelled a broad response and had acquired more than 573 000 likes and had been retweeted throughout 140 000 times at season of composing

Heading 2

Fans of Manchester United has mixed reactions on this situation and some of them were literally Excited after reading the tweet