Eugenio Derbez admitted and needs to undergo surgery after Accident 

Alessandra Rosaldo wife of Mexican actor Eugenio informs us about her husband's accident and surgery on monday night 

Rosalso through his instagram post wrote that Derbez is now fine but due to injuries he will go through surgery. 

She also mentioned that surgery will not effect his health but the recovery process will be long. He will be rested for few weeks 

Every one of us know about Eugenio Derbez and his success story. He appeared in number of shows and movies in 80"s

He started his carrier in United states in 2010 and since then he gave a number of great arts such as CODA and Dora and the lost city of gold 

His wife Rosaldo wrote a full letter describing his accident, health and information about surgery and recovery 

Lets all pray for his wellbeing and hope he will recover soon and present some more watchable arts for Fans