What is Quiet Quitting and how it is so famous and become latest workplace trend 

The main issues that we face in private organisations and companies are long hours, Less staff, Workload and this  all lead to a TikTok trend 

There are so many assumptions listening to the term Quiet Quitting like doing very less work in working hours and so on 

It's tied in with halting taking care of business that individuals believe is past what they were recruited to do and not getting redressed

The pandemic made working conditions more worst where companies had a limited workforce and everyone wanted to work from home.

Everyone thought they would work from home but did not understand that companies are calling their best staff in companies to work 

There are several points that one needs to understand when working such as Evaluate your work, Share your needs and reach out to employees

These three point were discussed on social media and they got famous and became tiktok trend for a while