Jennifer Lawrence is reveling her baby name after a month of having baby 

Jennifer and Cooke Maroney had a baby before a month or so and now she is going to reveal name and sex of the baby 

She said that they would be naming their child Cy. The idea came up from her husband that they should name it before her favorite Artists

After sharing the name of the baby she said that she is not going to open up all things about the baby. She will only share important things

Jennifer Lawrence also shared that it is so difficult to be in motherhood and its scary at times 

She also said that she had so many girlfriends to discuss pregnancy and motherhood who already told her reality about it 

She also said that she will love both cat and child equally as she will consider both of them as her own 

When she had a baby she felt like she got a new life to live and its the first day of her new life, Jennifer said in an interview