Jessica Pegula's net worth is more than any Tennis player in the world according to the latest data and Stats. Let's see how much she makes and her net worth

Billionaire Jessica Pegula's total net worth makes around £850 Million which is more than sum of many famous players 

She was offered around a £2 Million pay packet for U.S open tournaments which is a really good amount. 

Her family also has a very good worth background as her father is the 345th richest person in the world with high income sources 

As her father is a very rich person, She can easily say bye to tennis but she does hard work and it paid her and she stands on her feets today 

It is usually seen that rich kids of rich dads often waste money and they does in believe in hard work but Jessica is an example to all of us 

She was very much connected to injuries as she had faced many injuries in her tennis carrier but she did not give up at any moment

She will be facing Petra Kvitova in round 16 of U.S open and let see how the game goes fro both the players