Laxman Narasimhan will be the new CEO of the most tasty coffee brand Starbucks 

He will become CEO next month on 1 October and Laxman Narasimhan will formally start his part in April and will then, at that point, join the organization's top managerial staff at Starbucks 

Before Starbucks Laxman Narasimhan was CEO at The Reckitt Benckiser Group and he recently left the post over there and he will be joining starbucks 

In last spring there was a change of CEO at Starbucks where CEO kevin Johnson stepped down and Howardschultz was made Interim CEO and he will remain the same. 

Company is facing low sales voulme in US and China and they are facing low income and low sales from prevoius few months

Before taking full Control Laxman Narasimhan will be learing about things for 6 months with Schultz and other members 

Schultz said that he is a strategic and transformational leader with deep experience in building powerful consumer brands about new CEO 

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