Life Expectancy rates are again on downfall in United states of America " Things to know about Life Expectancy  "

Average life expectancy rates have fallen again in the term 2020 to 2021 and there are complete data out for the expectancy rate. 

On calculations of provisional data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and life expectancy has fallen sharply and highest since 1996. 

In the term span of 2020, it was around 77 years and in 2021 it has dropped to 76.1 which is least since 1996 as of records

The life expectancy rate has fallen continues from 2019 and if we will calculative fall of two years results are shocking because life expectancy rate seen highest fall in these two years since 1920

Life expectation rate has fallen approximately 3% in overall term of 2019-2021 and these records are almost accurate according to researchers and analysts

Covid 19 is also counting itself as big player in decreasing the Life expectancy rate because there are lots of deaths due to covid 

We should focus on healthy eating and healthy habits and the life expectancy rate will automatically increase because we will force it to increase by remaining healthy