Liz Truss is the new leader of the United Kingdom for the next few years. Things to know about her and her Biography 

She was serving as foreign minister for last 12 months and will be formally appointed as new leader of United Kingdom on Tuesday 

In her speech, she discussed some important terms that she will be focusing on during his ruling term. She will give importance to High energy bills and National health service 

She also said that " I will convey a striking intend to reduce government expenditures and develop our economy" Which is really good 

British communist party announced that she will be appointed as the New prime minister on Tuesday by Queen 

The most important thing is that she is the third lady who is appointed as Prime minister in the United Kingdom. 

Truss is going to replace former Prime minister Boris Johnson who was found part of a no of scandals and let down from post 

Truss acquired 81000 votes out of 142000 votes from team members and won the seat and will be sitting on it with pride and will be working for nation ahead