Miss England Contestant Malisa Raouf Age, Country, Family, Hobbies, Education

Malisa Raouf is a 20 year's old collage student from South London who recently competed in Miss England and move to semi Finals 

Malisa Raouf is trending because he was competing without makeup while other contestants were masked and still she reached Finals

Malisa Rouf have diffrent opinion on using makeup and she says that when I am happy without makeup with my natural skin there is no necessity that I use it 

That's what raouf said, however, she started using cosmetics early in life, she choose to shun customs for the stage competition

There are lots of things she told in front of the media which explains that how much confidence she is with her natural skin

Malisa Raouf was born in 2002 in London which is known from sources this may be right or wrong. Her Zodiac sign is Capricon

Malisa Raouf will be competing in finals in October and according to sources he will be competing for bare face in finals also