Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest: Result, Key Points and Goals

Erling Haaland became key hightlight of Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest with Hat-trick of goals 

In one sided match between Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest, Manchester boys demolish Nottingham with Score of 6-0

Erling Haaland has made strong appearance in Premier league and stunned the fans in first matches of his Premier League carrier

Out of his 5 matches he dad two hat-trick of goals which is insane for a new player and he has done is easily 

The 22 Years old Erling Haaland is creating records with his amazing gameplay. He made a record of 9 goals in 5 matches and two hat-tricks

Erling Haaland scored his three goals in 12th, 23rd and 38th minute of the match and took the game away from Nottingham Forest

Final Scores were 6-0 in favor of Manchester City and City has 13 points in league table out of possible 15 points and remains Unbeaten