Matt Chandler takes leaves his post after DM'S from unknown women on his phone

Matt  Chandler is lead pastor in a village church and something unusual happend with him few days ago 

There was a statement released in which a women comes to a pastor and shows concern of her friend talking to pastor

Pastor said that there is nothing wrong in that because my wife knew that I am talking to her and her husband knew that she is in coversation with me 

The lady with whom Pastor was talking said some things that were not proper and not appropriate

Pastor also shared this to his wife and few elder that she is texting some unappropriate things to me

There was an investigation set up on Chandler and his text history was read and his messages and emails are read and concludes some things here 

Conclusion that came out was that pastor has broken the rules of church and did not follow the guidelines of bible and so told to step down