Prices of House may relax as the Mortgage rate increases in the United states of america. Govt trying to reduce inflation rates 

Mortgage rates are climbing day by day in Usa after comment from Central bank Chairman Jerome Powell that the national bank is taking "powerful and quick" moves toward diminish expansion and slow the economy

The average Mortgage rate of 30 years has increased from 5.55% to 5.66% in ending of august reported by agencies 

This whole year 2022 mortgage rates have increased rapidly as we have seen it rising from 3.22 to 5.82 highest in june. first half of the year has ssen rapid increase in mortgage

As mortgage rates rose so high in United states seller have decreased their prices and it has not became easy for buyer to buy houses 

It is expected in the coming months that mortgage rates will fall in range of 5% to 6% this whole year and inflation will control these rates 

If the mortgage remains same number of buyers in the market will decrease and demand will decrease so prices of houses will decrease 

If you are planning to nuy a house it would be right time to convert your other assets into house for living