Naomi Judd's death mystery is cleared from Autopsy reports 

Medical Examiners have done complete medical and hance reported that Naomi Judd wad suffering with bipolar disorder when she died by suicide

She shot herself with gun and tool her own life herself in April and had been managing post-traumatic stress

Grammy-winning musician artist Naomi Judd was battling bipolar turmoil when she shot herself and kicked herself brutually 

Naomi and her family had discussions over her mental health issues and thing she was going through 

Naomi Judd's medical autopsy reports also indicated that she was taking medicines for post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder

The 76-year-old previous vocalist had a "huge" history of tension, melancholy, and bipolar issue and going through this much it was so difficult for her to survice 

Judd's Family did not want to disclose any kind of information on social media or news so they filed lawsuit to block all the information

Naomi Judd medical atopsy reports also indictaed that she used to consume drugs for  post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar disorder