Paul Newman's daughters are angry with Newman's foundation and files lawsuit against the foundation

Two daughters of Paul have filed a lawsuit against the foundation that they have not given charity with accordance to their father's wish 

His own foundation is not giving anough charity according to their father's desire and which they think is wrong 

Newman started his own food company in the year 1982 and the first product of company was oil and vinegar for salad dressing 

After the success of company Newman decided to give the compnay to charity. Today Newman has large variety of products such as lemonade, popcorn, Newman-Os cookies and more

Newman created the Newman's Own Foundation in 2005 and his focus was on children. He decide to give profits of charity to poor ones 

As of today foundation claims that they have donated over $570 million to thousands of organizations in last few years 

But in complaint filed by Susan Newman and Nell Newman they claimed that charity is not done according to their father's plan