Sarah Frair who has recently become CEO of Nextdoor Holdings inviting small businesses to work together

Nextdoor is growing day by day and the chief Executive officer knows it very well she wants to convert  this opportunity to expand the business

She knows very well that in periods of this great recession her company will grow very well 

She is so high on Nextdoor that even after not completing revenue and growth targets of last year she is cinfident 

Income sources for Nextdoor are advertising and sponsoring because people use their application to hire plumbers, gardeners, and many other services complaint about neighbours 

Competition is more because they are competing from meta but now as of calculations every 1 of 3 households use Nextdoor. 

Sarah friar is 49 years and she holds a master's degree from oxford and Stanford university. She is really hard work person and dedicated to his working profession 

She is now up to open doors for small businesses to grow well and make some profits around the market requirements