Paulo Costa beats former champion, Luke Rockhold in blood fight 

A Nailbiter match starting with an intense first round both the fighters used every drop of their strength and ended with costa winning it 

Rockhold's last emotional fight was intense and the match ended in tears 

Rock hold in post-match presentation with Joe Rogan told it was was his beautiful 15 years carrier ending today with best fight 

Rockhold saying Thank you to the UFC, but I f---ing can't do this shit anymore. I gave it my all but I'm f---ing old

Costa's strong right-hand punches lead to blood flow in Rockhold's Nose showing how intense his last fight was 

Rockhold started stacking up on each and every shot and gradually coordinated Costa with counter-passed on snares and turning kicks to the body

Match Ended with a lot of emotion and blood but the fight was really intense and Emotional