AC Milan claims victory over inter Milan after Rafael Leao shoots double for AC milan 

Inter Milan scored the first goal in match and showed their dominance but quickly  there are a return from AC Milan the defending champions 

It was their fifth serial match in the season and champions after giving a score trashed their rivals Inter where Rafael 

The first goal was scored by Inter Milan in 21st minute of the game and the goal was made by Marcelo Brozovic

It was time for some action and the action came from Leao who scored two goals to take his side in lead over Inter Milan 

AC Milan is sitting at a second position on the points table and they are looking very good in this season to again put their hands on trphy 

There are three goals scored by AC Milan that were scored by Rafael Leao in the 28th and 61st minute of the game and 1 goal from Olivier in 54th minute 

2 Goals were scored by Inter Milan which were scored by Marcelo in the 21st minute and Edin in the 67th minute which somehow turned hopes for Inter Milan fans.