What is the purpose behind Artemis 1 going to the moon after 50 years, Let's learn something new in this story

It has been 50 years since NASA sent a project into lunar space and now NASA has promised that they are going to land on unexplored regions of the moon

NASA has named Artemis using some relationship of Apolo. It is named after the sister of apollo who was send 50 years ago to moon

NASA has released joint Artemis as a succession project of apollo because it will continue the research where Apollo left 

With the help of Artemis 1, NASA is planning to land a crew of astronauts and to research on shadowy lunar south pole interestingly

As technology is growing with time, using this technology NASA wants to create a sustained method to permanently survive on moon and research on it

There are some interesting stats that everyone should know about Artemis 1. The total journey time for Artemis 1 would be 37 days and the total distance will be 40000 Miles. 

Once Artemis 1 reaches the moon we gonna see a lot of secrets related to the moon and we may get an hit weather it is possible to survive on moon or not