Rivian Motors is known for its EV segments in Automotive. Now like others Rivian is increasing their prices and it's very wrong from company 

They are discontinuing their base models of cars like the R1T pickup and R1S SUV and pissed off customers in the process

The move couldn't come at a more regrettable time, only days after President Biden marked the Inflation Reduction Act into regulation

The finish of the Explorer bundle essentially knocks the cost of the base models by $5,000

The Customers who booked older models will now get a complete refund and their information will be kept private 

The organization's moves were found by proprietors on the internet based discussions and later affirmed by the organization through messages to clients.

The base model of R1T Costed $65700 before and after discontinuing that model now the cheapest R1T is $73000 which is way more than previous one 

The only thing that makes this whole scenario worst is the buyers' experience. Now company is not offering many options to buyers and it make lead to downgrade of company