Shortage of Workers in the USA. Small Businesses are suffering the most shortage as of this month stats 

The amount of work is more and amount of workers is less in the USA and for every worker who is not working there is a job ready. 

Small Sector business is literally in shortage of workers because everyone wants high salary and it is not possible for small businesses tp offer that much high salary 

As Inflation has hit the United States of America everything is getting disturbed, Financial sector is in the verge of crashing. 

Now it is more important that government put some strict actions in the economy so that inflation can be controlled and everything gets back to nromal 

Before pandemic this problem was never noticed but now it is piling up day by day and there are chance it may get worst 

A survey was conducted and owners of small businesses said that they are unable to fill job spots because no one is ready to work 

The only way to control this is to control inflation which is around 5% and govt is working on it hope it gets reduced and we may get back to normal