Spenser Strider is looking most favourable for NL rookie award of the year 2022

Atlanta Braves pitcher spencer strider witn his promising pitching become the most favorable man for rokkie award 

With fancy mustache and red glove in hand spencer strider playing for atlanta braves as a pitcher shocked the Colorado Rockies on thursday nigjht 

He pitched eight innings of two-hit ball, didn't permit a run, struck out 16 players, and made a record that will be remembered ever 

His 16 Ks set another standard for most strikeouts tossed in a game by a Brave since the transition to Atlanta

His strikeouts are just stunning and he is making on on another and has made 174 strikeouts thing season which is more than those of Shane Bieber, and Justin Verlander.

His records have stunned everyone and now he is prefered at top for NL Rookie of the season 2022

Having top position in rookie pitchers with 174 strikeouts some of the betting sites have added his name to favourites