Sydney Sweeney facing fans heat after posting pictures of her mothers 60th birthday 

Sydney Sweeney  with her mother and few friends went on for a surprise party and she was excited and shared photos of birthday 

But unexpected happend with her as she shared photos of her party there were objections on a photo that she uploaded with a unknown person

Sydney shared a post on twitter saying You folks this is wild. A guiltless festival for my mother's achievement 60th birthday celebration has transformed into a silly political assertion

Her brother also shared a post where few guest were seen wearing hats that were derived from former President Donald Trump's infamous MAGA

Sydney Sweeney said that the hads were not for any intension they were just wore for fashion sense and does not mean anything 

There were multiple events on birthday such as horse riding and dancing to make the celebration for exciting 

There were mixed reactions from social media as there are few fans who are supporting SSydney Sweeney and few of them are not