Traveling at 35000 feet and still, you are able to use the Internet but how it's possible? Lets discuss the technology behind this inovation.

Earlier days it was difficult to use the internet while you were traveling on the plane but nowadays airlines provide you with offers to add wifi with a ticket. 

As technology has stepped ahead we have seen a lot of innovation in different sectors of traveling from trains to metros and many More

Airline users are increasing day by day which means investment and innovation should be increased and seeing these airlines are now providing wifi plans with tickets but how is this possible? What is technology used. 

If we are using the internet in flight it is called an inflight connection. These inflight connections are of two types Air to the ground ( ATG ) and satellite and both of them are available on the airplane

Air to Ground or ATG is connected through antennas connected to airplanes and they catch signals from towers on the ground surface. 

Connection through satellite is better option and advance airplines are all using satellite based internet services. This is fast and more convenient source of internet in todays modern world

There are lots of challenges and updates which need to be tackled to improve services far better from now. In the future, as technology will grow we will se updates and better results.