Top Profitable Crypto Currencies of 15 August 2022. Are your favorite Coins in Top Gainer today 

Image Credit - Pexels 

Civic is a top gainer today with approx 30% Profit in 1 Day. If you are CVC holder then have a party tonight

Chiliz is second on our list with gains of around 15 Percent. 

UNFI is number third in our list and it has also given very good profits of Around 10-15 percent in one day. 

Loopring sitting in the fourth position with around 10% Profit 

GMT is sitting at fifth position with around 10 percent profit 

NO 6 - SANTOS  ( 9 percent Profit  ) 

The last Second in our list is FIO and API3 with around 7% Profit 

The last position is Top Gainer goes to GTC with Around 5-6 Percent Profit in a day