Toulouse vs. PSG - Score, Keypoints, Key Players and Key Moments 

PSG crashes Toulouse by 3-0 and started their winning streak after a  hard thump draw against AS Monaco 

Messi had a great contribution to PSG win by connecting headers to Naymer and Mbappe which were converted to goals later

Hero for PSG, Naymer reaches second position with 5 Goals in Most goals scorers and the table is led by Haaland by 9 Goals in 5 matches 

Toulouse Goal keeper Maxime Dupe showed amazing gameplay skills and became on sided hero of game with 9 saves 

PSC is still unbeaten in tournament and keeps its winning streak increasing. Amazing team performance and great management Anticipation from PSG 

Talking about the goals Neymar,  Mbappe, and Juan Bernat scores three goals for Psc and there was no Goal from Toulouse

Both the teams performed great but at the end of the PSG took of the title but Toulouse fans are getting hopes with their good performances.