US government orders Nvidia and AMD to stop selling chips to china

Nvidia and AMD are two leading manufacturers of United states and both are strictly prohibited to sell theri technology to china market 

Nvidia and AMD advanced AI chips cannot be exported from USA to china because govt imposed a ban on exports of high tech chips

Two High-end chips which are Nvidia's A100 and Forthcoming Nvidia's H100 integrated circuit and anything constituted with both of these 

United states Govt has passed the order and ir is strict and will come in efefct immediately but on the other hand Nvidia will face a loss of $400million 

After the news was circulated the shares of both the companies tumbled as Nvidia share price fall by 6.6% and AMD price goes down by 3.7%

AMD's MI250 is also banned to export from country to china and both Nvidia and AMD are stressed after the news 

These Regulations show that in coming future the tension between the countries will definitely increase and things will get worst and worst