Us House Rent becoming a big headache for those who are leaving in the USA on Rent because it's 17 times in 17 months rent has risen continuesly 

The average rent in the United States of America again hits high  and reaches to $1879 which is little expensive 

Renters who are living on rent are complaining about increasing rent because it is increasing every month from last 17 months

From July 2021 to July 2022 rent has surged by around 12.3 percent which is not reasonable for renters 

The largest hike is noticed in the south and Northeast region due to high demand. In Miami rent hike has grown in double digits which is approx 26 percent from last year

Many renters are moving to areas where rent is cheap and some of them are adjusting it to their budget sheets

Rent is urban areas is also surging very fast as demand of houses in Urban areas is increase due to movement 

These rents are increasing after pandemic because we have seen a lot of increase in inflation and mortgage in USA