Walmart takes advantage of Open labor day as Costco was closed during hours

This day is mostly contributed to shopping, Barbeque, Furniture and much for to celebrate hard work of workers 

Labor day is celebrated once a year, It is celebrated on the first Monday that comes in the month of September and is dedicated to the hard workers of America 

Stores in America offer special discounts on this day and super special offers for workers are announced 

It is also known for something more which is a favorite food item for many Americans which is pizza. The day is also celebrated as National cheese pizza day. 

Walmart offered a special discount on their stores available worldwide and these offers excited users and workers and sales boosted

Costco wholesale stores were closed due to holiday and which benefitted Walmart which were open on Labor day

Happy Labor day to every hardworking laborer and may good bless every hard-working worker and give them Wealth and Happiness