New laws are are made for fast food chain workers which would increase their wages by 40% 

On Tuesday this week, there was a new law passed in California and this law is named AB257 which is launched by legislators in california 

After the implementation of this law, there are chances that wages for food chain workers will definately increase 

After this law food council will be handling pays and working hours of workers and will manage all the issues

A council will be made of 10 people who are working in fast food chains to decide the fair pay rates according to working hours 

AB-275 is generally known as 'The fast Food Accountability and Standards Recovery Act' . It will have the power to increase wages in accordance to inflation

Both workers and fast food chain CEOs were made to discuss with each other and then the law is passed by the legislature in California 

Franchises are against this bill and they are opposing the bill strongly on their behalf. They have managed ot remove some rules out of law